Professional employment and academic education

2020 Lecturer at the University of Lübeck
2015 Postdoctoral position at the University of Lübeck
2013 Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Lübeck
2012 PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, CEU San Pablo University, Madrid, Spain

Research Topics

Analysis of human fluids by NMR:

  • Quantification of blood acute-phase inflammation proteins and thereof glycosylation profiles (Proteo-metabolomics).
  • Development of new computational tools in metabo-proteomics for clinical purposes.

NMR studies into carbohydrate glycan interactions:

  • Identification of mechanisms of glycan metabolism by bacteria inhabiting the human gut microbiome.
  • Binding of Norovirus to Histo Blood Group antigens and related glycans found in human tissues and fluids.

Recent Publications


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Cooperation partner

Eric J. Sundberg (Emory University School of Medicine, USA)